Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hello everyone,

This is our update.  We are back in the USA.  Our 2 week mark after the transfer of the 4 embryos was August 8, 2013.  We are sorry to report that the pregnancy test was negative.  We are so bumped out!!! We have 3 frozen embryos left.   We are going to transfer what we have left.

This has been quite an experience for us. Because of some health issues we really don't think we want to go through IVF again, so we are at a cross roads if the FET doesn't work out.  

We are considering adoption.  (Plan E)

So just keep us in your prayer.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Previous post prior to our trip

These were a couple of entries that entered previously but were left out of the blog.
 Original date are listed about the entries

July 9, 2013

We are hoping to leave soon.  However, our visas have not come through yet.  Getting the visa has been one of the most difficult parts for us.  Mine was denied this first time because my husband and I had to come to the appointment together, but the website did not say this. There is a great deal of paperwork to arrange.

Visa are outsourced to a company.  It used to be travisa in Houston, but it has transitioned to BLS.  There was a little time in there when they were not accepting applications. However, now we have already spoken to the consulate.  He said that he has approved the visa, but the website still says that it is in process.  

We have gathered our things, made our arrangements, and we are ready. I am self-cycling. So my doctor here has ordered the medications (FSH) and I will have my bloodwork and follicular scan done at the beginning of my next cycle.  Then we will make the journey.

In India there will be several days of stimulation then retrieval.  Then we will wait.

Say extra prayers for us.

Today June 30, 3013
My husband and I decided about 2 months ago that our next step in our fertility journey was surrogacy.  After a few failed IVF cycles (one with fetal demise), our fertility specialist suggested surrogacy.  Since surrogacy in the USA is out of our price range we sought other alternatives.  After much investigation we have decided to travel to New Delhi, India and work with Surrogacy Centre  India (SCI).  
Right now we are in the process of trying to get our visas.    With the new laws you need a medical visa/medical attendant visa with lots of supporting documents.  This has been a trying process. 
We are coordinating with our US physician and will follow us for the first 5 days, then SCI will take over care. 
Wish us luck and blessings.

Returned from India

We have just returned to the USA from India.  We are excited to be home.  The egg retrieval went well.      Dr. Shivani was able to retrieve 19 oocytes. 13 were fertilized.  7 survived.  4 were transferred yesterday.  We have frozen 3 embryo for a later date.  So we are hopeful.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hope in India

We have been going through fertility treatment for the last four years without any success.    After this last treatment cycle our fertility specialist met with us to let us know that at this point our next option would be surrogacy or adoption. We were devastated as our hope seem to have diminished of having a child of our own. We thought of surrogacy in the US but it is quite expensive, and the laws are sometimes not protective of the biological parents. As we began to consider options of adoption, my wife came to me and asked if I have ever thought about surrogacy in India. I didn't know what to think about the whole idea as it seem to have caught me off guard. However, our options were limited and I was willing to explore anything. For the next few months we did our research and came across  SCI Healthcare but we were still a little uncertain. We wanted to meet other couples who have already gone through SCI.  So we found a couple who lived close to us. We were able to meet with them and they shared their whole experience with us and how they will be picking up their baby in a few months. After some research and meeting with the couple, we were certain we wanted to go to SCI in India. We contacted SCI to begin the process and they have been very professional from the very beginning. Here we are in India and my wife has her egg collection tomorrow. The anticipation is a little much but we are hopeful that this is going to work for us.